WhatsApp Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks To Know

There are more than one billion WhatsApp users worldwide making it one of the most popular app.

New features are always actively updated. Here are some interesting features you want to know if you are a regular user of WhatsApp.

1.Star message and easily find them later

If you want to save a message Like address, phone numbers, reference numbers, important images, etc. You can star it. You can open starred for later reference. where you can see all the starred messages.

2.Change chat background

You can change your chat wallpaper to WhatsApp’s own patterned or colored options, or you can choose own pictures.

To set open Setting >> chats >> wallpaper.

3.Read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing

Blue ticks show if others have read your message. If you want to read the message without letting the sender know. You can disable blue ticks altogether.

Open Settings >> Account >> Privacy and uncheck the box next to Read Receipts.

If it turned off, you also will not be able to see read receipt from others.

4.Change font, bold, italics, strikethrough

You can change the format of WhatsApp messages. Just long press the message in input box after selecting the text you want to format. There you will get the option to change the format to bold, strikethrough, or italics.you can change the font  by clicking monospace. To change manually you can type:


5.Hide your profile picture

If you want to hide your profile picture from random contacts, you can head to-

Settings >> Accounts >> Privacy >> Profile Photo >> Nobody

There you get three options: Everyone, My contacts, NoBody.

6.Popup and custom notification

If you are waiting for an important message from someone. You can have a custom notification. Open chat and tap on their name. Now you select custom notification.

There you can set popup, notification, ringtone for your important messages. There is an option to prioritize your notification too.

7.Hide status

Show your status only to selected contacts. For this, you have to go to status then select status privacy on top.

You can see three options there: My contacts, My contacts except, Only share with.

8.Hide your last seen status

Do you want to hide your last seen status to any unknown contacts?

Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Privacy >> Last seen

There you get three options: Everyone, My contacts, NoBody.

9.Save data

You can control the downloading of images and videos from groups and friends according to your internet connection type and limit your data usage.

Go to Settings >> Data and storage usage. There you can see when using mobile data, wifi, and roaming. all options have photos, audio, videos, and document to select and control the usage of data.

10.Delete messages

Did you sent a message by mistake and now you want to delete it? WhatsApp have a delate for everyone option. Time limit to delete the message is one hour. Earlier it was 7 minutes.

After you long press the image or video you want to delete you will get the delete option on the top.


11.Use WhatsApp on your PC

Most of us use WhatsApp on our smartphones. you can use WhatsApp on your pc too. Open any web browser. Copy and paste this URL — 

Install WhatsApp for windows or mac pc. After opening the app you will see a QR code in pc. Now open WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to WhatsApp web, scan the QR code to log in.

12.Share your live location to track you

You can share your current location with your friends. You can let them track your movements and route.

On iOS, click the “+” icon to the left of the chat box, and choose Location.

On Android, head to the Attach menu in the chat box and choose Location.

This will broadcast your location to them for a choice of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. You can stop sharing at any time.

Some More Features